10 Reasons Why We Selected The Booth Company’s Task Cycle® Surveys as our Preferred Assessment Tool:

At Annan-House Consulting LLC, we provide and administer world-class tools for assessment and customized individual development planning. We utilize The Booth Company’s portfolio of Task Cycle® Surveys with their patented 360/720 Degree Feedback® instruments, as our preferred tool for assessing Individuals, Teams and Leadership. We have worked with a number of instruments over the years and we believe The Booth Company’s tools are simply the best.

1) Experience & Reputation – The Booth Company has been providing 360 feedback surveys and development programs for over 30 years. Their extensive experience and comprehensive products makes them the choice of our firm and many of the Global Fortune 500 companies.

2) Role Specific – Recognizing that “one size does not fit all”, we utilize 15 unique surveys. Each survey asks role specific questions that correlate with the competencies of the most important and mission critical organizational roles. Behaviors that are most relevant at a certain level in the organization and specific to the role is a key to establishing validity. Questions posed in the survey have been validated against thousands of participants in these key roles worldwide. The assessment covers behaviors that can be changed through work experience and training, which is a key to performance improvement. The 15 role specific surveys fall into 5 major categories:

  • Senior Leaders and Executives
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Individual Contributors
  • Teams and Organizations
  • Sales Professionals

3) Valid & Reliable – The 360 degree feedback surveys we use are based on the Task Cycle®, a validated theory of leadership and management. Task Cycle® theory is the architecture for all 360 surveys. The Task Cycle® model was developed by Dr. Clark Wilson, and has evolved into a valid, reliable predictor of the steps and behaviors that lead to top performance in all organizational roles. Long term 3rd party research demonstrates exceptional high correlations between performance measures and Task Cycle® skills.

4) Web based – All survey administration, scoring, analysis, and reporting is done through the Booth Company’s Assessment Portal™, so no technical expertise or special software is required. Online surveys meet the highest security and ease of use standards.

5) Prioritizes Development Areas – The well researched and established steps of the Task Cycle®, used together and in sequence, has shown participants the development areas that will bring them the greatest performance gains. Since the Task Cycle® model validates what skills are most important in specific organizational roles, a participant’s feedback result will provide them a targeted focus in prioritizing their development plans. This results in a focused development effort, targeted utilization of resources, and a quicker and higher return on investment.

6) Normative Data – Participants know where they stand not only in relation to important skills but also in terms of career peers. Booth has a data base with over 150 million data points. These are annually updated and averaged to provide participants insight as to whether their skills are competitive against the same role in other companies or within their own organization. This international data base provides participants with the necessary context when viewing their data. Custom norms specific to a client’s organization can be created over time.

7) Feedback Reports – Feedback reports are available in printed and PDF formats. Full color format that codes rater levels by color for easier scanning and interpretation. Data is presented in various ways to accommodate multiple learning styles. It is organized by importance using the Task Cycle model, guiding the participant in prioritizing their development activity.

8) The patented 720 Feedback® Advantage – Continuous Improvement requires ongoing measurement. While 360 degree assessments establish a baseline, the 720 Feedback®concept allows for comparison over time and measures progress, allowing the participant to update and modify their action plan depending on their progress. The Booth Company pioneered the pre-post concept of feedback in the early 1970’s and have documented measurable improvement among participants who have completed their action plans through 12-18 months re-evaluations.

9) Customization – If the surveys we offer do not meet your company’s specific requirements, we can easily adapt our instruments to meet your organizations unique needs. We will work with you to customize an existing Task Cycle® survey, mapping our survey to your organization’s competencies, ensuring alignment to internal language and culture. We strive to create custom solutions to meet your expectations while preserving the reliability of the Task Cycle® competencies.

10) Foreign Languages – For companies that span the globe, The Booth Company’s data base has double-byte technology allowing surveys to be translated into any language. Currently, many of the top selling surveys are available in several languages.
“Clark Wilson Task Cycle® Surveys are copyrighted by The Clark Wilson Group”
“720 Feedback® is a registered trademark of The Booth Company".

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