We recommend the patented 720 Feedback® products, because we know it works. Since improvement requires continuous measurement over time, we recommend the 360-degree tool be used more than once. Regular re-assessment- what The Booth Company calls 720 Feedback® (360+360=720) provides a comparison of a participant’s results over a period of time. This comparison gives each participant useful feedback on their progress and effectiveness of their development efforts and action plans.

Once is not enough. While the 360 establishes a baseline, the 720 compares and measures progress, allowing the participant to update and modify their action plan depending on their progress. The Booth Company pioneered the pre-post concept of feedback in the early 1970’s and have documented measurable improvement among participants who have completed their action plans through 12-18 months re-evaluations.

  • 720 Feedback® is a registered trademark of The Booth Company

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