Multi-rater feedback has long been recognized as a more accurate and impactful means of assessing an individuals strengths and developmental needs. Feedback received from all key stakeholders, not just the manager, will provide a much broader view of a person’s capabilities. Key stakeholders observe and experience different behaviors in a variety of circumstances and situations. The multiple data points of their feedback will provide a richness, depth and accuracy to the feedback results. Knowing the specific skills that need improvement is the first step in developing a plan to increase effectiveness.

General Benefits of 360’s

  • A variety of Perspectives leads to a more Profound
  • Understanding and Self Awareness
  • Multiple Data Points = Greater Accuracy, Validity and Reliability
  • Greater Acceptance/Ownership by the Participant = Greater
  • Motivation to Change
  • Establishes a Baseline-Sets a Development Starting Point & Direction

A synthesis of some 80 productivity studies shows that a high performer in management is more than twice as productive compared to an average performer. High performers outperform average performers by nearly 20% in jobs of low complexity, and almost 50% in jobs of high complexity. What’s more- top talent at all levels will deliver two-six times the return of the average performer. Even a small investment in development will bring substantial returns to the organization in the future.

Organizational Benefits of 360’s

  • Great Leaders generate exponentially greater results than average ones
  • Accomplishes much more by building on Strengths, rather than patching up weaknesses
  • Organization has Baseline Data to Drive Development Efforts and Resources
  • Increases Employee Engagement and Commitment- Leads to Improved Performance
  • Communicates & Reinforces Corporate Culture/Values: One that:
    • Invests & Maximizes the Contribution & Value of its resources/Shareholder Value
    • Provides Career Growth and Skill Enrichment
    • Plans & Prepares for the Future
    • Seeks Continuous Improvement
  • Establishes a Desirable Work Environment for Recruiting & Retention

Personal Benefits of 360”s

  • Self Awareness and Insight
  • Performance Improvement
  • Career Advancement
  • Capitalize & Leverage Strengths
  • Leads to Self Development
  • Establishes a Baseline and Directs Development Efforts and Resources

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