Is the barrier to growth in your organization a shortage of leadership and management experience and skills to execute growth strategies?

Hewitt Associates has been conducting a multifaceted research study, in partnership with Michael Treacy, author of Double-Digit Growth-How Great Companies Achieve It No Matter What, in an effort to better understand the organizational drivers of double-digit growth. Treacy asserts that any company can achieve double-digit growth year after year. He writes “Management Capacity, not market demand, is usually the binding constraint on growth. Growth is about execution; getting the right people doing the right things to manage a portfolio of separate, clear and achievable growth strategies.” (1)

According to Hewitt’s Robert Gandossy and Marc Effron, authors of Leading the Way, Three Truths from the Top Companies for Leaders, “ Sustained earnings growth, ranks at the top of every company’s performance objectives but, despite heroic efforts, all too few ever realize this goal. Their investments in technology, marketing, new products or logistics bring temporary benefits at best. The Top companies for Leaders start with the value proposition that great performance begins with great Leadership- and they have the financial results to prove it.” (2)

  • (1,2) Taken from Hewitt Associates research brief “Growing Great Leaders key to Double-Digit Growth, Double-Digit Growth and Leadership” April 2004


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