We utilize proven Individual & Organizational Assessment Tools.

Since this can have a long lasting impact on your organization, we use a structured approach when implementing our assessment strategy.

Diagnosis: Collect information about the organization, its history, missions, goals, successes, problems, to ensure a thorough understanding of the situation. This may be done through the use of assessments, surveys, interviews, observations, etc. Define and frame issue(s)/opportunity.

Analysis: Review the diagnostic data to assess strengths and weaknesses including cost/benefit analysis.

Feedback: Share the results of the diagnostic information with the participants to ensure both their understanding and commitment to the next steps.

Action Planning: (Collaborate with the group or individual) Generate constructive ways to interpret the data utilizing a “systems thinking approach” and create operational solutions and actionable steps.

Reassessment: Create ongoing success metrics and tracking systems to ensure and reinforce performance improvement, project value, business linkage and organizational alignment.


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