As you read through these questions and answer them for your organization, are the answers readily available and a topic that is reviewed and discussed regularly? If not, your organization is most likely looking at one of the most undeveloped resource areas in its possession-its Human Capital. We would welcome the opportunity to show you how to leverage your human capital and leadership resources. (Listed below is a just a sampling of questions to consider)

1) Is you business actively pursuing a growth strategy for the future? Do you have the people and skills to execute your operational milestones and achieve your plans?

2) Does your organization have effective assessment tools and processes to evaluate individual strengths and areas for development against needs and gaps in the organization?

3) Is your organization using a valid and reliable assessment instrument? Does it prioritize the development areas for each individual?

4) Have you established a performance and capabilities baseline with each individual? Do you have the ability to measure progress over time?

5) What metrics for employee and organizational performance do you communicate to your Board? How are you maximizing your organization’s human capital? How does this increase shareholder value and return?

6) Do you have “A”, “B”, or “C” players? How do the skills of your leadership and management teams compare to other successful leaders in similar roles across industry? Do you have a methodology in place to measure this?

7) Is your assessment instrument and development process focused on the critical skills and behaviors you need for individual and organizational success?

8) What are the mission-critical positions in your organization over the next 2-3 years? What are you doing to ensure that you have the right talent, with the right skills, at the right time?

9) Does your organization have a succession plan? Is your talent pool deep enough to fill mission critical and key positions in the next 6 months? What about one year and beyond?

10) Is your development budget targeted to the right areas? What is your return on investment (ROI) for your development dollars? Are you getting the “biggest bang for your buck?”

The questions above reflect only a sample assessment, Annan-House Consulting will work with you to perform a thorough assessment and in depth analysis and then work with you to provide a tailored and value added solution for your business. Give us a call for a no cost consultation. Additional sample assessment questions can be viewed here: Achieving Lift (PDF)

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