Selecting the right survey is critical to the success of 360 degree feedback. Utilizing a structured approach we will work with you to select or customize one of the 15 role-specific surveys ensuring you have the right tools to assess and develop your organization's talent. Each of the 15 unique surveys asks role specific questions that correlate with the competencies of the most important and mission critical organizational roles. We can also adapt the survey instruments to meet your organizations unique needs. The 15 role-specific surveys fall into 5 major categories:

Senior Leaders and Executives

The four assessments in this series focus primarily on leadership skills and the personal attributes that all leaders need to move the organization toward positive change. In addition, the 360 surveys address executive competencies including long-range vision, organizational and marketplace awareness, and communication of mission and strategic plans.

Managers and Supervisors

The assessments in this series provide feedback on management skills and practices. These include counseling, appraising, achieving operating goals, and maintaining the organization's quality of working life.

Individual Contributors

This series of assessments focuses on the skills required to work with others as an individual contributor. While the Peer Relations Survey focuses on the horizontal relationship between professional and technical specialists and their internal clients, Working With Others is a survey of organizational skills for people entering supervisory positions, and can be used to identify candidates for promotion or to counsel those who have recently been promoted.

Teams and Organizations

This series of assessments is focused on the development of team management. These 360 surveys measure how in step a team member is with the rest of the team and what habits and skills can be developed to become a more effective team or team member.

Sales Professionals

This group of assessments is focused on effective client and sales relations, using the same fundamental skills required for managers and leaders. For each of these roles, one must influence others to fulfill the organization's objectives.

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