Consulting Practice:

We deliver strategic human capital services and solutions to increase the organizations effectiveness and drive superior business performance. We specialize in working with organizations to ensure the integration and alignment of their “people assets” with their business strategies and the assessment & development of talent and leadership skills to achieve improved financial and business results.

Research has shown that High Performing Companies have successfully achieved this “alignment” resulting in sustainable double-digit growth and 2x-3x in operational performance.

We work in a highly collaborative manner with our clients, crafting tailored solutions based on assessment of leaders/ individuals/ teams and the four key components of Human Capital: Culture, Talent, Rewards and HR Services.

We conduct a systematic performance analysis to develop strategies and operational plans that will link people with the business objectives, and drive change with measurable results leading to improved business performance. At Annan~House Consulting we have developed a unique set of human capital analytics and metrics that quantify the results of our efforts.

The Team:

The Annan-House Team and alliance partners is comprised of seasoned professionals and corporate executives who possess a strategic business orientation and significant first hand experience in a wide range of disciplines and industries.

Our collective experience includes consulting, senior leadership and management positions with Fortune 500 and privately held companies, as well as roles in public government and private legal practice. Our broad based industry experience includes, high-tech, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance/financial services, electric utilities, transportation, communications, federal and city governments and law firms.

Our diverse experience means that we understand the unique challenges of your industry and we tailor solutions to your situation as opposed to the “one size fits all” approach. We bring a high level of integrity and experience to each engagement working in a highly collaborative manner with you to craft a tailored solution. We are discreet, with all matters including the identity of our clients which are not disclosed for any purpose with out permission.

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